History of The United States Army's 117th Infantry Regiment

3rd Battalion - K Company

30th Infantry Division



From Normandy To The Elbe Booklet

At wars end, each soldier of the U.S. Army 30th Infantry Division (Old Hickory Division) and the 117th Infantry Regiment were given a booklet prior to their return to the U.S. in August 1945. The 16 page, 4 inch by 6 inch, booklet describes their participation in the European Theater of Operation during World War II from June 1944 through May 1945. Not many of these booklets have survived over the last seventy years. The booklet shown below was given to Sgt. Frank B. DeClerck prior to his departure from Europe on the RMS Queen Mary.





















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117th Infantry Regiment's Military Personnel Records Destroyed

Order of Battle for the 30th Infantry Division

Campaigns in European Theater of War

Significant Combat Events of the 117th Infantry Regiment

Capture of Lieutenant General Kurt von Dittmar
From Normandy to the Elbe Booklet
Sgt. Frank DeClerck - Prayer Going Into Battle

K Company Roster - 117th Infantry Regiment - June 1944 - August 1945

117th Infantry Regiment at the Battle of the Bulge
117th Infantry Regiment World War II Photos
Combat History of First Lieutenant Cyril B. Spicer of the 117th Infantry Regiment





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