History of The United States Army's 117th Infantry Regiment

3rd Battalion - K Company

30th Infantry Division



First Lieutenant Cyril B. Spicer Jr.


Combat History of First Lieutenant Cyril B. Spicer Jr. of the 117th Infantry Regiment


First Lieutenant Cyril B. Spicer, Jr., (right) with his father, Colonel Cyril Spicer, Sr. (circa 1946 - 1950)


During World War II, First Lieutenant Cyril Spicer Jr. served in the 30th Infantry Division, 117th Infantry Regiment, and saw heavy action, as indicated by his military awards shown below. At this time, it is unknown which battalion and company he served in. After the war he taught in the ROTC department of Gettysburg College and was promoted to Captain 27 Sept 1950. He left the army on 27 Nov 1953. In the above photo, his shoulder patch indicates that he was a part of the 2nd Infantry Division after World War II. This division served in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

Taken from Spicer Family Records - Source Unknown - Provided By Steven Spicer, First Cousin to Cyril Spicer.      



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