History of The United States Army's 117th Infantry Regiment

3rd Battalion - K Company

30th Infantry Division



K Company Roster - 117th Infantry Regiment

June 1944 - August 1945

The following K Company Roster is taken from the 30th Infantry Division Roster and is incomplete. The Roster shows the soldier's Rank, Army Serial Number (Dog Tag Number) and Duty. If the soldier was wounded in action, then WIA is shown. If the soldier was killed in action, then KIA is shown. Other names and updates will be added if they become available (Contact Darrel Hagberg, see below).


K Company Roster 117th Infantry Regiment

Name Rank Army Serial No. Casualties Duty
Abbes, Henry C. Capt O-1291094 WIA Platoon Leader
Alexander, Maurice L.        
Alexander, Royal B. Pfc 37678763   Rifleman
Allen, Andrew W., Jr. 1LT O-1311729    
Armburst, Frederick R. Pvt 20507865   Rifleman
Baltuck, Lewis C. SSgt 36583302 KIA  
Benedict, James D. Pvt 35816034   Rifleman
Benson, Arnold F. Pvt 31413877   Rifleman
Bettes, Roy A. SSgt 37000756 WIA Platoon Sgt
Bogue, William A. TSgt 34002911 WIA Platoon  Sgt
Bonneau, Roland        
Brady, Calvin Pfc 37643694   Rifleman
Bubnack, Frank Pvt 12055627 WIA 11/16/1944 Rifleman
Carnes, Watson L. Pvt 38076789   Rifleman
Carver, Richard C. Pvt 35797450   Rifleman
Champagne, Ernest L. Pfc 37772953   Rifleman
Cocke, Albert C. Pfc 38075861   Rifleman
Cohen, Herbert Pfc     Rifleman
Cree, Richard        
Culp, Wayne R. Major O-304 508 WIA Commanding Officer
Davis, Quentin Pfc 20462068 WIA Rifleman
DeClerck, Frank B. Sgt 36964851   Platoon Sgt
Dick, E. L. Pvt 35838400   Rifleman
Drury, John J. T/5 36019935   Rifleman
East, Poche L. Pvt 34630312   Rifleman
Fascic, Louis E. Pfc 42005214   Rifleman
Ferguson, Richard O.       Rifleman
Foreman, Edbert Pfc 20460496   Rifleman
Gaspard, Joseph, Jr. Pfc 34030091   Rifleman
Gay, Aubrey Pfc 34093406   Rifleman
Gill, Buford M. SSgt 20457924 WIA 07/08/1944 Platoon Sgt
Goveia, Herbert A. Pvt 36678425 KIA 08/03/1944 Rifleman
Graham, Attys A. Pvt 44037839   Rifleman
Hammonds, Joseph J. SSgt 34830435 WIA Platoon Sgt
Harbaugh, Warren G. Pfc   WIA  
Hedgbeth, Roger A. SSgt 33853313    
Helms, James M.        
Helms, James W.        
Hemphill, Thomas S. Pfc 33942016   Rifleman
Hickmann, William, Jr. 1LT O    
Hogue, Donald W.        
Jeglinski, Joseph Stanley Cpl 36963347 WIA Rifleman
Johnson, (unknown) Col O    
Kruszynski, Walter J. TSgt 20607596 KIA  
Lehrmann, Theodor H. SSgt   WIA Platoon Guide
Lewandowski, Walter P. Pvt 36486668   Rifleman
Mauch, (unknown) Sgt      
McBride, Grady E. 1LT O-1295477    
McCormick, Marshall B.        
McLaughlin, William A. Pfc 33186120   Rifleman
Mills, Roy J. Pvt 38634212 KIA 04/08/1945 Rifleman
Petruzzella, Sebastian Schastain Pfc 31457635   Rifleman
Phelps, Thomas        
Piechavi, Joseph        
Pramer (?), Carl J. Pfc 42108395   Rifleman
Ridgeway, Charles L. Pvt 14125515   Rifleman
Sammaritano, Gino J. Sgt 33589540   Gunner
Sexton, Harbon "Whitey" Sgt 34013624 KIA 06/21/1944  
Silver, David Pfc 12190229    
Simmons, (unknown) 1LT O    
Spates, William H. Pvt 33910046   Rifleman
Vaughan, James L. Sgt      
Vick, Kenneth M.        
Waldeck, Robert S. Pfc 33339914    
Walker, Thomas E. Sgt 37685092    
Watson, Ralph E. Pfc 37490220    
Westerberg, Frank M. Sgt 37707870    
Willert, James F. Pfc 37144178   Rifleman
Williams, John G. Pvt 14028355 WIA 10/07/1944 Rifleman
Wos, Elward J. Pvt 42186907   Rifleman
Wysocki, Leon J. Pvt 36195664   Rifleman
Zelip, Louis        
Zelip, Steve V. SSgt 16143076 KIA 12/24/1944 Squad Leader-Mortar
Zimmerman, Gerald A. Pvt 37773318   Rifleman



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 1) 30th Infantry Division Roster, Indiana Military Organization, James D. West, revised 01/03/2019, www.IndianaMiliary.org



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