Ethiopia III Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

"Return to Ethiopia" Trip

September 22 - October 7, 2012

50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps in Ethiopia


October 6 - Saturday

Red Terror Museum -  Addis Ababa 


 Darrel and Betty Hagberg reluctantly visited the Red Terror Martyrís Memorial to try to understand history of the fall of Emperor Haile Selassie and of the activities of the Derge (the Committee) from 1974 until 1987. The museum is located just off Meskal Square in Addis Ababa.

The Derge was the short name for the Coordinating Committee of the Armed Forces, Police, and Territorial Army, a committee of military officers that took power and ruled Ethiopia and Eritrea

Between 1975 and 1987, the Derge imprisoned, tortured and executed tens of thousands of its perceived opponents without trial.

Even to this day, the many atrocities of the Derge are still be uncovered and the museum continues to update the history of this tragic period of the country of Ethiopia.


(Important note: All photographs, except where mentioned,  are copyrighted as of October 8, 2012, by Darrel and Betty Hagberg. Please request permission to use and please credit them).


The entrance to the Red Terror Martyrís Memorial Museum.


A statue dedicated to the victims of the Derge.


at Our guide awaiting our visit on a quite afternoon.


Betty hesitates for a moment before entering the museum while the guide is encouraging us to enter.


Our guide explaining the seven spontaneous uprising against the Derge after they massacred many innocent people. At the time, our guide was an innocent victim of the Derge. His only crime was that he was a student. During his incarceration, he was regularly tortured.



Our guide discussing the history and lead up to the overthrow of Haile Selassie by the military.


The Derge is shown reading the arrest warrant against Haile Selassie in the Jubilee Palace.


After his arrest, Emperor Haile Selassie is humiliated by being forced to ride in his chauffer's small Volkswagen in front of Jubilee Palace.


After murdering the competition, Mengistu consolidated his power and launched the terror by declaring the opposition party as enemies of the state. Symbolic of the blood bath to come, he throws a bottle of blood before the crowd of supporters.




Exhibit  showing Pro-Derge Propaganda.


Because of a lack of support to the Derge by the United States Government, the Communists are invited into Ethiopia. Castro is delighted to help.



A Derge Military Parade in Meskal Square.


Civilian Ethiopian Communist Commissars lead troops into village after villager to eliminate potential enemies of the state.


Victims cringe before their execution.


Many bewildered victims never understood why they were selected for death.





The three military leaders of the Derge (in center photo) soon became one, Mengistu (top photo).


One of the many cells used during the Derge.


Cheaply made Russian assault rifles resulted in many deaths under the Derge.


Ethiopia First, sound familiar!


A Communist inspired torturing technique employed throughout Ethiopia.


A simple but effective Communist invention.


Items used in torture of the victims.


Short list of torture methods used by the Detge.



The Derge tried to end freedom of speech.


Duplicating machine which helped to inspire the people of Ethiopia to revolt against the Derge.


Exhibit on a typical mass grave.


Findings from a mass grave.


A memorial to the victims.


The Communist doing what they are good at.


Victims of the Derge.


Victims of the Derge.


Victims of the Derge.


Photographs of the victims of the Derge are being added everyday.


Haunting memories of the innocent victims.


Promising futures ended by the Derge.


Members of the Derge facing the Death Sentence after the fall.


A list of the victims being read to the Derge.


A monument to the Derge still stands in Addis Addis.


Detail of the Communist  monument.


Old cannon located in Addis Ababa.


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