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The Old Central School in Moline

The old "Central School" was located on the terrace overlooking downtown Moline and the Mississippi River. It replaced a the first school, a wooden structure, that had burden down when the janitor stoked a hot fire in the furnace before going home for the evening. The lower floor was for the elementary grades while the upper floor was the Moline High School. When a new Moline High School was built west of this building (nicknamed the Castle), Central School was renamed Washington Elementary. Later, this structure was torn down to make way for a high rise apartment for the elderly. A new fire department was built on the front part of the terrace. Allendale can be seen in the back on the right.


The First Class Reunion Site on the Internet in the Quad-Cities

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Planning for 55th Reunion Will Begin Soon!


Larry Wiemers, Chairperson

Larry Wiemers has called a meeting at his home on April 29, 2015, at 7 PM to begin planning for the 55th Reunion. Our main effort at this meeting will be to choose a location and a date to our 55th Reunion. The Committee is open to ideas and suggestions for this reunion. Also, we need volunteers to serve on this committee. Contact your committe at: MHS Class of 1961 Reunion Committee.  More information will follow.


Thank You From The Committee for Your Continued Support!

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