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Our 60th Class Reunion Is Planned For May 6,2023

60th Anniversary Reunion Committee

Register Now For the 60th Anniversary Class Reunion 

You are cordially invited to attend the upcoming celebration for our 60th Class Reunion for the MHS Class of 1961 on Saturday, May 6, 2023, 5 pm – 9 pm. The event will be at Oakwood Country Club in Coal Valley, IL.  This happens to be the same location where we held our 50th Reunion. Along with music from the 60’s and a great floor for dancing. We have also arranged plenty of time to socialize with your friends and classmates. A selection of Pizza in lieu of a large dinner will be provided for this event. Also Turkey  sandwiches along with fruit and cupcakes will be available throughout the evening in a relaxing atmosphere.  A “Cash Bar” will be provided. The charges for the reunion will be $35 per classmate and $35 per spouse / guest. Part of the cost of the reunion will be subsidized from left over funds from our previous reunions and from donations from some of our generous classmates. Classmates will be allowed to bring up to 2 guests at $35 per guest. Your committee has done everything possible to keep the costs at a reasonable level. All past reunions over the last 60 years have met with great success and total gratification from all those who have attended.  Turn out has always been high and the camaraderie with your classmates takes everyone back in time on this special night.  We look forward to seeing everyone again with a night of friendship, laughter, reminiscing those old high school days and making it another memorable event.

Copy the following registration (jpg file) and print it or send us your email (if you haven't done so) and we will Email you one.



Help us to alert others about our upcoming reunion.Do not hesitate to contact us at anytime (darrelrhagberg@gmail.com).

Setting up this particular reunion has been a difficult task for your committee due to the impact of Covid on our community in terms of labor shortages, ever increasing food costs, numerous venue closures, changes in venue management, and pent up demand causing excessive venue costs. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Soon our hard efforts will pay off.



Your Reunion Committee

Top (Left to Right): Sue Osborne Eslick (Texas) and Karen McCandless McCright (Texas).Standing (Left to Right): Ron Crouch, Bob Lagerblade, Dennis Fowler, Marjorie Carpenter Bisschop,  Warren Johnson, Bob Tedell and Darrel Hagberg. Seated (Left to Right): Tom Acuff, Leslie Gramkow Hogan, Larry Wiemers (Chairman), John Corelis and Linda Gustafson Czupka

Our 75th Birthday Party Was a Winner!

75th Birthday Party - Parkside Grill and Lounge, 2307 - 5th Avenue, Moline, Illinois, August 11, 2018.

We had a small turnout for our 75th birthday party (44 happy people), but everyone still had a great time. The Parkside Grill and Lounge also did a superb job with our small group. The Parkside was renovated from the "Parkside Tavern" and still retains some of its old charm.


See our photos (Click Here)


Past Reunions

Photos from many of our past reunions are available. The photo file has been updated recently with photos from our 75th Birthday Party. We are still looking for photos from are very early reunions. Please submit to Darrel Hagberg at darrelrhagberg@gmail.com

Click here to view the photos.


In Memoriam

There are 187 classmates that have passed. We remember our passed classmates on our Deceased Classmate Page (See Below). If you are aware of other classmates that have passed, then please let us know so that we can remember them as well. We apologize for any oversights in this regard.

Your Committee

Also, we always welcome new members on our committee. Let us know if you are interested.

Remember to keep us updated on your address and on your E-mail. If you are having health problems, please have a family member or a friend contact us. We would like to know. After all, we are part of your family too!

You may contact your committee at anytime at: MHS Class of 1961 Reunion Committee.


Thank you for your support,

Larry Wiemers, Chairperson


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