The United States Army 32nd Field Hospital in the Italian Campaign of World War II



Members of the 32nd Field Hospital Identified in Group Photo


Photo Name of Member Position Function

Lt. Col. Robert J. Griffin, MD


1st Row  - Center Commanding Officer
Major Edward C. Voges MD


2nd Row - 8th from Left Platoon A Commanding Officer
Master Sergeant Robert A. Robbeloth 1st Row - Standing Far Left  

Sgt Anthony V. Bardo 3rd Row - Far Right HDQ Office

Captrain Arkie Bowyer MD 2nd Row - 9th from Left Unit Company Commander

Lt. Myron Heckler 2nd Row - 3rd from Right Medical Administrative Corp (M.A.C.)

Sergeant Steve Kacsor


4th Row - 10th from Left  

Sgt. Alfred King 4th Row - 4th from Right Supply Sergeant

T/5 Hyman E. Matza

New York

6th Row - 5th from Right

Clerk Typist - Switchboard

Louie Mender 5th Row - 4th from Right  
Sebastian Millo 5th Row - 12th from Right  
Lt. William E. Osborn 2nd Row - 2nd from Left Medical Administrative Corp (M.A.C.)
Alexander Pellegrino 5th Row - 11th from Right  
Capt. Sidney Sklar DDS 2nd Row - 4th from Right  

PFC Namon Dennis




PFC Walter N. Brown




William J. "Bill" Reilly Jr

New Jersey



Dale L. Winnett




Erland Carlson



Sgt Irvin W. McLaughlin


4th Row from Bottom - 9th from Left Chief Cook


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